M and M Watersports - Bad deal on new wakeboard

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I purchased a Brand new wakeboard from M & M Watersports. I was not sure if I would like it and asked the salesperson if I could demo it once. They told me that would be ok. On my first day using it I crashed hard because the board delaminated (see picture below). When I asked to return the board, they told me that they don't deal with Wakeology anymore and I was on my own. I asked them if they would at least give me store credit to purchase another board from them and they refused that offer too. It has been time consuming and a bad deal. Not to mention the fact that I am still without a working wakeboard. They also operate a few other websites.

Buyer beware ... these guys are dishonest and bad news.

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Monetary Loss: $325.


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You can also let ABC15 get to the bottom of it. They have a "Let Joe Know" segment that helps with problems like yours.

Email him at joe@abc15.com to help get your money back.

he has a Facebook page too :zzz


Have you contacted the manufacturer Wakeology? try to phone them to see if they can do anything.

if they refuse to take action.Contact the consumer affairs office in your state. They have the authority to handle claims such as these.

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